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The NOMAD is a low step-over height (34cm), step-through, folding e-bike with an integrated, long range battery, as well as a front suspension fork, a suspension saddle post and 2.35″ wide tires to give an extremely comfortable ride both, on sealed city streets and bike paths, as well as gravel rail trails, etc..

With its easy removeable, but lockable 504Wh long-range, Samsung battery, the NOMAD, ridden as a sit-down e-scooter, by using its 20km/h thumb throttle, offers 40km+ of comfortable rides between battery charges. This distance can be extended to 60Km+, when riding it in the pedal-assist mode.

Its is easy and safe riding the NOMAD in the dark. With the press of a button, both integrated front and rear LED lights are turned on. The front light has optical beam management to illuminate the path ahead without blinding oncoming riders.

City & Trail Explorer

NOMAD is for the adventure seeker; the quick folding frame allows for easy storage, packing away to just 51cm x 71cm x 82cm ensures it will fit into most car boots for easy transport on your next journey.

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